Charity Mission

The Legend of the Phoenix is a symbol of the kindness we are trying to spread out by using Digital Art. We are aware that there are many bigger projects in this direction, but Phoenixline is totally transparent and the core team is trying to provide very good feedback capabilities for everyone who participates.

How do we decide what to donate for?

First of all, at the beginning of each month, we will open a conversation on our Discord Channel . The room is named “Charities” and everyone is able to express his ideas about the charities which we can include in the next vote.

Please, when you give your recommendations, post a link to the charity so everyone could learn more about it. The charity should have an option to be donated through a VISA card otherwise we can not make a legal transfer of the funds.

Once the Discussion is done around the mid of each month we will post a poll on the Charities and Votes page with the 5 most wanted from the Discord community campaigns. We will also make posts of each one of them with more information on the same page so people be able to learn the details.

Giving does not only precede receiving; it is the reason for it. It is in giving that we receive.”
Israelmore Ayivor

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