BlockChain: Solana

Charity: Unique – This means the NFT is one of its kind and brings a huge contribution to a cause.

Important: Unique also means that such kinds of NFTs minted on Solana come with a 30% reward pool chance. Do not miss the events to Declare your ownership on the Rewards page. Phoenix never misses a Thank you for being part of his cause.

Charity Contribution: 10% of the value – Means 10% of the value cost on drop sale (first sale) and 2% of the secondary sale value cost will be donated to a monthly cause chosen by the community. Sellers and Buyers of this NFT are heroes.

Element: Fire – The strongest element of the Legend of the Phoenix. This is still a secret but it will definitely means more benefits for the holders.

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The first Phoenix was raised from the depth of the ashes to open the gate for the others to follow. This bird is unique coming to bring in the Rules of Justice which will meet the era expectations for everyone on earth. The Legend is real, leading to a new beginning, the beginning of good and right. First Ultimate Treasure is representing PhoenixLine`s mission. One and only of its kind… The holder of this bird is blessed with ultimate treasure and benefits.

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