BlockChain: WAX

Rarity: Rare (Max Possible Supply is 500)

Charity: Gold – This means the NFT provides a very good charity contribution.

Important: Gold also means that such kinds of NFTs minted on WAX come with a 20% reward pool chance. Do not miss the events to Declare your ownership on the Rewards page. Phoenix never misses a Thank you for being part of his cause.

Charity Contribution: 10% of the value – Means 10% of the value cost on drop sale (first sale) and 2% of the secondary sale value cost will be donated to a monthly cause chosen by the community.

Reward Chance: 20%

Element: Fire – Fire is the major element of the Phoenix family. This treasure comes with great opportunities for much greater blends.

Reborn Grade: 3 (This is a future grade that will provide an option to blend Phoenixline WAX NFTs into better ones).

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According to a story, the Phoenix of Warmth arrived at a very old age and committed himself to the flames. All mythologies say that the bird can be reincarnated into a living human who can live a life without it being “activated”. There can ever be a good Phoenix of Warmth, only when it bursts into flames and is reborn from the ashes does a new one emerge.

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