BlockChain: WAX

Rarity: Common (Max Possible Supply is 5000)

Charity: Regular – This means the NFT provides a low charity contribution.

Important: Regular also means that such kinds of NFTs minted on WAX come with a 5% reward pool chance. Do not miss the events to Declare your ownership on the Rewards page. Phoenix never misses a Thank you for being part of his cause.

Charity Contribution: 10% of the value – Means 10% of the value cost on drop sale (first sale) and 2% of the secondary sale value cost will be donated to a monthly cause chosen by the community.

Reward Chance: 5%

Element: Earth – The element which gives the opportunity for everyone on earth to participate. It will also have importance for a future blending mechanism.

Reborn Grade: 1 (This is a future grade that will provide an option to blend Phoenixline WAX NFTs into better ones).

30 in stock

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According to the most common myth, the Phoenix was a brightly-coloured immortal bird-like creature that lived in Paradise, similar to an eagle or a peacock. After about a thousand years, the Phoenix grew tired of immortality and desired to move on, leaving Paradise for the mortal world of earth. However, even in the mortal world, the Phoenix could not indeed die. It built a nest on the ground and waited for the sun to rise. As the son god dragged his chariot across the sky, the Phoenix sang a song so beautiful that the sun god stopped to listen.

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