Our mission

Meet the Phoenix of Justice

This mythical bird is born from the ashes to conquer the blockchain and spread the wisdom of Justice.

Blockchain is the Future, no doubt, however, what Blockchain is currently used for? Profit, profit, profit and greed. What should be that way? Do we deserve all this profit? Of course, not. That`s why Phoenix of Justice has been born in the Blockchain to prove that we can use this technology to transform the world fitting to the new era of freedom in a way where everybody wins.

How Phoenix became the symbol of this project

The legend says that the Phoenix will be born as many times as required to reach its goals to bring knowledge, love and happiness. We will try to express this legend in NFT Eco-System to help charities and reward everyone willing to participate.

Global Coverage


Big Partnerships


Benefits for Everyone

Phoenixline is an NFT collection created by a professional artists covered with amazing features. The ECO system provides the opportunity to donate part of the value of the assets to different charities. Holders are rewarded on daily basis for their network contribution without the need of staking their assets. All they need to do is to stay updated on the Rewards page where based on each asset rarity, we will announce prizes. To take advantage, holders must be registered with their WAX wallet in the website. Once they are registered, it is required to declare ownership in 12 hours from the prize announcement. NFTs with a better rarity will be picked more often for rewards with higher prizes value.

Check for rewards

Global Eco-System & International Community


We will post all statements for the donations in the Charities and Votes page in the end of the campaign. You can also track the status and the funding in real time.

Decentralized Platform

All NFT assets are announced with MAX Supply so compared to other similar projects inflation is under heavy control. NFTs can be sold on each public Market without any limitations.


We know how important is this for such a project so our team will do their best to never let anyone down. You can count on our support 24/7.