Unicef Kids Campaign

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Important: PayPal donations are currently disabled, the only way to contribute is to become an NFT holder.

In order to make an NFT donation there are two ways to participate:

1. Purchase an NFT from our NFT Shop directly through Crypto.com. We will send you the NFT in a few hours if it is purchased directly from the Shop.

You will donate 10% from any NFT value purchased from a Drop and purchase from our Shop.

2. Follow a link in NFT Shop to get Phoenixline NFT from a secondary market from any seller or search it with your own by finding "Phoenixline" collection on WAX and Solana.

You will donate 0.6% from any NFT value purchased that way.

3. You can look for airdrop on Twitch, Theta etc. NFTs from airdrop have the same reward functions as the others, however, someone else has covered charity contribution for you.

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and are tax-deductible.

In order to participate in the rewards event as an NFT holder, you should follow the Rewards page. Once your NFT is picked for a rewards event you are eligible to take advantage. All you need to do is to check yourself as a Holder of this NFT on the Rewards page before the timer runs out.

After you check in the form, we will check if you are really holding the particular NFT and send you the reward as soon as the Reward event is over. Depending on the NFT rarity chances, some NFTs are more often picked to deliver rewards to their holders. As rarest the NFT is, It will be chosen much more often with more valued prizes.


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