We are happy to announce that our Solana Collection has successfully passed the Verification process.

The process took 2 weeks but now the sky is the limit.

More about the collection and NFTs inside:

The Collection on Solana and the first NFT “Phoenix of Justice” are minted on SolSea.


Later on, the NFTs created and minted on Solana will be available on the other markets as well.

We will take care of the collection for you to be able to resell your assets on any SOL market.

Keep in mind that the Phoenixline NFTs on Solana are unique.

This means that there is only one mint per NFT 1/1. There is only one owner of an NFT.

Solana Uniques also give special permissions for getting rewards on almost each Stream Event.

If you are Solana Phoenixline NFT owner, do not forget to participate.

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