We are happy to announce the beginning of our mission. Our first NFTs have been minted in 5 rarities on 2 blockchains. The mint on WAX is under a standard which contains 4 rarities and 4 charity categories as follows:

  1. Common Regular
  2. Rare Silver
  3. Legendary Gold
  4. Mythic Platinum

The first letter shows the rarity with a better reward pool chances on Live Events. The second shows contributions to charities.

We have also minted one single unit of a Unique NFT from our Premium Solana Phoenixline Collection. This means that this NFT comes with exceptional capabilities as only one of its kind. All NFTs minted from that collection will have MAX possible Supply 1/1.

  1. Unique

We are currently working for both collections to be whitelisted and verified as soon as possible. However, these processes usually take around two weeks.

Today we are starting our 15 days Pre-Sale period before Official Drops come out.

We will announce the prices tomorrow Monday, August 1 first on our Official Shop then a few days later, links to the markets will also be attached in the description.

Our core team member and CEO @BornToBeShadow also starts weekly giveaways of the first mint on Live Streams.

Links to the official NFT pages on Phenixline Store:

Fingers Crossed.

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